Montage A

This montage of photos was generally used on witnesses who were ashore at Furneaux Lodge during the New Years Eve celebrations. Many of the identifications achieved by this montage were actually of Scott, but some witnesses had chosen Scott contrary to there own descriptions (e.g. six-foot tall with a beard). Can you find the photo that the police wanted them to pick?

If you chose number 6 then you'd be correct. Easy wasn't it? Shortly after this photo was taken the police put out a press release saying that the mystery man may have had tattoos on his arms and this was published on the front page of most New Zealand newspapers as well as being widely publicised on TV and radio. Number 6 is a distorted photo of Scott.

What is wrong with this montage?

  1. Number 6 is the only person with tattoos on his arms.
  2. Number 6 is the only person wearing blue. All others are dressed in mainly black.
  3. Number 6 is highlighted by a bluey green background. The background in number 1 is bluish but not as prominent as number 6.
  4. All photos are taken with the subject looking directly at the camera with the exception of number 6 and number 4.
  5. Number 6 is an unnatural image of Scott. He appears to have a potbelly (something he has never had) and his facial expression seems odd.

Another interesting point about Number 6 being the only one wearing blue jeans while the others are wearing black jeans is that the mystery man was previously publicised as wearing blue jeans.

To see how good you are at picking the "right man" just click on to security video still below:

Security Video Still

Gary L Wells on Witness Identification

Montage B

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