Petition to Free Scott Watson

Whangarei man, Alan Mountford has started a petition asking for an investigation into whether or not there was reasonable doubt in Scott's case.
On the 12th of January 1998 the police knew exactly what they were doing when they said to Scott 'We are going to parade your boat through the main street of Picton and the media are going to crucify you'. From that point on all statements to police were made with Scott in mind. The blackening of his character went hand in hand. Anyone with a grudge against Scott now had a chance to get one up on him. One witness even used the opportunity to cash in on a gripe he had with the boatyard where Scott once worked.
The end result was a character assassination of proportions never before seen in this country. By the time he came to trial in June 1999 he was presumed guilty before even walking into the court and basic evidence of the case was completely hidden by prejudice.
Here is your chance to have a say by signing the petition.

The Petition can now also be signed at your local library !!

If you are interested in signing the petition or collecting a few signatures from family and friends, please contact:

 Jenny Kalaugher

(09) 372-6933


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