2 March 1998

1430 hrs


Carry out reconstruction of events from Furneaux Lodge. Note that this is three months after the event.

A Naiad of a similar size was obtained from the Naiad factory, namely a Naiad 3.8 metre which in this case has a Yamaha 30 hp outboard.

It was arranged to do a reconstruction with one of the witnesses from the Furneaux incident. To this end a number of boats on the swing moorings outside the Waikawa Marina would be visited with the witness describing how he placed his hands alongside the subject vessel and whether the height was similar.

To assist in this reconstruction D/Sergeant Simon MOORE takes the place of the Naiad driver, D/Sergeant LANDRETH takes the place of Scott WATSON, An example of positive thinking? Detective McLACHLAN takes the place of Ben SMART, Hayden MORRISSEY plays himself, D/Constable Anne McCORNICK takes the place of Olivia HOPE and D/Constable Raquel HIBBS takes the place of Sarah DYER. The seatings were as they were on the night in question.

In the reconstruction the initial vessel we went to was the green and white ketch named Ahurangi. This was moored just off the entrance to the Waikawa Marina on the western side of Waikawa Bay. The approach was made to this vessel from the north and we went alongside it port to port, that is the port side of the Naiad was alongside the port side of the ketch.

The witness MORRISSEY showed how he grabbed hold of the railing by grasping the bottom of the upward stay and it was in this position he said his forearm was resting on the guard rail. With this particular vessel he said it was taller than the vessel on New Years Eve as he was standing at a stretch whereas on that particular night he was in more of a crouch to hold on. He also made the comment that when he grasped the side of the boat, it had also been grasped by someone else on his side, he is presuming the suspect person behind him.

With this particular boat, considerable effort would have been needed to step from the pontoons up onto the deck of the vessel.

We then travelled to the east and approached a sloop named Summer Time. Again this was moored on a swing mooring and the approach was made port to port. This vessel was a similar size to the suspect yacht and MORRISSEY made the comment that he did not think it was high enough out of the water. With this vessel he was still sitting on the pontoons to have his arm and hand as he remembered it. With this particular vessel it was easy to step from the pontoon onto the rail and then over the railing itself.

The next vessel approached was the suspect vessel Blade and it was on a swing mooring just off the breakwater. Again MORRISSEY felt that the vessel was not high enough from the water. Once again it was easy to gain access to the vessel by stepping from the pontoon and across the railing.

We then travelled a short distance away and approached two slightly larger sloops which were of a similar size. These were the sloops Mystique and Shemara V. The witness MORRISSEY felt that these were of a closer description to the height from the water. When he placed his hands in the positions earlier described, for these vessels he was slightly raised from the pontoon and standing in a crouch in the floor of the Naiad. With these vessels it was possible to step up onto and over the guard rail but not without some difficulty.

With the vessels we approached, MORRISSEY was asked whether there was any similar or dissimilar about the vessel the missing pair had got onto that night. He made the comment that he didnít think there was lee cloths around the rear of that particular vessel, however he wasnít able to explain why they had not then approached the vessel from the rear and that the people would have alighted that way. It should be noted here that detective Landreth is an observer at this reconstruction. Moressey was not in control of the Naiad on the night and has no reason to explain the reasons for its movements.

Naiad construction concluded and boat returned to Waikawa Marina and then later returned to the owners at the Naiad factory.

MORRISSEY returned to his Blenheim address.


Detective 6952

2 March 1998

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