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REF: 03-0700/lab



10 November 2003



Mr C J Watson

P O Box 336



Dear Mr Watson


Receipt is acknowledged of your letter of 6 November which has reached this office today.


You record your belief that the officer complained of has committed perjury or alternatively has made a false oath, both as defined by the relevant provisions of the Crimes Act, and you record your expectation that a prosecution will result.


The Authority has no role in the investigation and prosecution of crime. that being the function of the Police. The Authority is not a prosecuting agency and thus cannot initiate a prosecution, nor does it have the power to direct that prosecution proceedings should or should not be taken in any particular case.


If is accordingly necessary that you make your complaint, it being a complaint of criminal conduct, to the Police. While you may present the complaint at any Police Station you may consider if appropriate, in the circumstances of this matter, to forward if to the Office of the Commissioner of Police in Wellington (the postal address of that office being P O Box 3017, Wellington).


Should you be dissatisfied with the decision made by the Police in the matter, you may then return to the Authority in respect of that decision. It may be of assistance to note that the role of the Authority would at that point be limited to considering whether the matter has been the subject of appropriate investigation and consideration or whether the decision of the Police has been influenced by bias or bad faith or any such impropriety.


Thank you for advising me of the matter.



Yours faithfully





Judge I A Borrin




Resubmitted Complaint