C.J. & B. E. Watson

                                                                               PO Box 336



Judge I A Borrin

Acting Police Complaints Authority

PO Box 5025



Complaint: 03-0700/iab


Dear Sir


          I am in receipt of your letter dated 10/11/03. In it you state that the PCA has no role in the investigation and prosecution of crime.


While I concede that your office would have no role in the prosecution of criminal offences generally, I direct your attention to section 27 of the PCA Act 1988. This section binds the authority to form an opinion on whether the subject matter of the complaint was “contrary to law”. It is also open to the authority to recommend to the Commissioner that disciplinary or criminal proceedings be considered or instituted against any member of the police.


Your letter notes that it is my belief that a criminal act has been committed. It is just that, a belief. I have referred my belief to the authority for confirmation or otherwise.


Likewise, it is but my expectation that a prosecution will result from your investigation. This is but a sign that I might have some small amount of faith in the role of the PCA.


I resubmit my complaint and ask that it be investigated by your office.




Yours sincerely


C. J. Watson



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