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New Zealand is a civilised country that prides itself on having a Police force that is relatively free of the corrupt practices experienced in some other countries. However no large organization including the New Zealand Police force is free from individuals who occasionally make mistakes. Mistakes can range from something as simple as an innocent typing error to serious criminal activity. 

In general the Police have good systems in place to correct these mistakes internally but occasionally there are circumstances where an internal investigation would be seen as unobjective. For cases such as these there exists an independent body known as the Police Complaints Authority or PCA. 

The PCA is headed by a District Court judge who investigates and conciders complaints from members of the general public when they are concerned by various actions the Police may have taken. The PCA has the ability to recomend remedying actions to the Police Commisioner. The Police themselves have even been known to use the PCA (as was the case when secret witness A recanted his evidence). 

Chris Watson has recently had cause to lodge a complaint with the PCA after discovering what he considers to be mistakes in affidavites presented by the Police when applying for interception warrants to plant listening devises in various places during their investigation.

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