The Real Scott Watson

Because of the lack of real evidence in this case police had to create a character so bad that a jury would convict him regardless. Someone who was so undesirable that police working on the case would feel duty bound to make him fit the crime. Someone so distasteful that witnesses would not mind slipping in the odd white lie or exaggeration to help the police rid society of this fiend. Someone so evil that the general public would not care if this man were behind bars, guilty or innocent.

Nearly all media reports and rumours about Scott's character stemmed from one source. The police profiles. Most of the content of these nasty little documents was either completely untrue or grossly exaggerated. Policemen and media went about their jobs with this profile never far from their thoughts. Volunteer search groups were handed copies of Scott's profile complete with photograph to psych them up for their task ahead. When people started making waves because they considered the searches to be too much like a witch-hunt, the police response was "OOPS! They were handed out by mistake".

Below are a few photo's of Scott from the family album. There are very few photos of him left in existence as the police confiscated most items of this nature as evidence and have not yet returned them.

Scott and Ash washing the car

Scott sailing "Reverie"

Scott and Tom sailing "Reverie"

Scott and Ash

Scott sailing

Scott with the day's catch

Scott onboard "Blade"

 Scott at Trudy and Tom's wedding reading

A poem, "Love is the Reason"


Witness Identification

Mystery Ketch